New Patients

We welcome New Patients to Maple Dental Centre and provide a warm welcome from our friendly and dedicated staff.

As a new patient to our practice, we need to gather as much information about you, your dental history and your dental needs, on your first visit you will be required to fill out a medical history form.

Providing the correct information on medical history form  is very important. Certain medical conditions and some medication can affect your teeth and oral health so understanding your situation allows us to give you the treatment you require.

At your  appointment we will conduct an assessment of your teeth and any existing restorations. A detailed examination of your gum condition, assess the risk of oral cancer, taking into considerations smoking and alcohol consumption and check your jaw and jaw muscles will be conducted. We will also be able to show you images of your mouth using an our advanced systems to give you a better understanding of your teeth.

We also look at your overall smile and discuss how we can improve or just maintain your smile and give you any possible treatment options to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Finally we will explain all the possible options and will agree with you on the course of action. Your dentist will finally provide you with a treatment plan and cost estimations.

Our friendly team will always be there to answer any further questions/queries you may have. To sign up  please click fill out the form

Please download our medical history form by click here.